Battery as a Service (Baas)

What is Battery as a Service (Baas)

Battery as a Service (BaaS) is a new, innovative model for providing power to electric vehicles, including electric motorcycles and scooters. Rather than purchasing and owning batteries, BaaS allows you to subscribe to a service that provides you with access to fully charged ones at convenient swapping stations.

Benefits of BaaS

Hassle-free Charging

No more time-consuming or inconvenient charging sessions. With BaaS, easily swap out your used battery for a fully charged one at any of our swapping stations, keeping you on the go.

Sustainable and Eco-friendly

BaaS eliminates the need for individual battery ownership and reduces waste associated with battery disposal.


The fact that you do not have to purchase expensive batteries makes it a cost-effective solution as you only pay for the power you use.


BaaS is not limited to only a type of electric bike or scooter. As long as you are riding an electric bike or scooter with compatible battery swapping capability, BaaS can provide you with the power you need to keep moving.


Our state-of-the-art swappable battery technology ensures that you get the highest performance and longest range possible, making it ideal for those who demand top-quality mobility solutions.

Swappable Battery


Electric Bike Swappable Battery   Keyless Entry

Electric Bike Swappable Battery   Oyika Battery Swapping App

Electric Bike Swappable Battery  Battery Management System

Electric Bike Swappable Battery   Built-in GPS

Electric Bike Swappable Battery  Home Charging Kit  (0%-100% in 4 hours)

Electric Bike Swappable Battery  60V 28.8Ah

Electric Bike Swappable Battery  Up to 70-75km when fully charged at 45km/h speed (subject to riding behaviour and load)


E-Bike 2 Years or 24,000KM whichever comes first
Battery 2 Years or 24,000KM whichever comes first



Oyika Swappable Battery
Swappable Battery Cabinet
Battery Swapping Station

○ Reduces range anxiety

○ Seamless and faster swaps

How Does Battery Swapping Works